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Written by Charlie Palmer on 14/01/2022

 Alvaro Gonzalez Cyber security expert for BAT writes


Phishing is a cybercrime that seeks to steal and/or access confidential information. Criminals pose as large companies, clients, co-workers, family members, among others, to convince you or create the urgency to voluntarily hand over your information and/or download or access malicious content.  These attacks play with the absent-mindedness and the personification of an entity and/or person you trust, so you always have to remain alert.

Tip 1: Many of the phishing attacks are perpetrated by criminals whose English is not their first language. 

Look at the spell of the message or the website.

Tip2: Think twice about the data they are asking you for; if the level of privacy of the data requested by the website is exceeded with its functionalities, it is likely a phishing attack,

Tip 3: If you suspect an email from your inbox, mark it as spam and forward it to alvaro.gonzalez@batsoft.co.uk to review it. If it turns out that it is not a phishing email, you can unmark it as spam.

Tip 4: If you have shared information or have clicked and/or downloaded a file from an email that you suspect is a phishing attack, follow the following protocol:


  1. Stay calm.
  2. Turn off the computer as quickly as possible.
  3. Get in touch via email with alvaro.gonzalez@batsoft.co.uk or your own IT lead.  Avoid Zoom, it isn't so secure.  The experts will guide you through the procedures.


security lead at BAT