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Your business is data

The following parties will expect to see you using compliance software…and will ask to see extracts from that data

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Counterparties - Banks, providers, life offices, lenders, PI insurance

Regulators - FCA, ICO, HMRC

Customers - AR's, RI's, Big clients

Other - Lawyers, buyers of your biz, accountants, dispute resolution

Prepare yourself for the FCA requests.

The following are all real questions that the FCA at some stage will ask every business

  • Show me your KPI's?
  • Please can we see your last audit?
  • Show me your latest AML report?
  • How do you measure compliance?
  • Where is the compliance management system do you use?

All the replies to the above should be fully automated, and should be supplied to the FCA either by download to PDF or by providing them with a log in.

FCA expect you to keep records in applications like BAT.

BAT was formed to solve a problem

Compliance should be seamless, but too often becomes a blocker

Build compliance into your systems
Activate compliance inside your organisation, by connecting and enabling staff and their customers to get a seamless overview and dashboard of your organisation and staff activities

Deploy the solution
Build your compliance solution with BAT's cloud-API-based architecture. Integrate seamlessly with your existing channels or use as a stand alone compliance system

Innovate faster
Make compliance decisions on the hoof with a fintech solution that shows what staff are doing in realtime. Connect it up with a low code development solution.

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