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If you are the boss, you’ll be well used to “can I take the afternoon off to see the dentist?”

How do you know they are not taking advantage of you?

You are unable to say NO to anything, unless you have the facts…. so get them to log the flexi time, manage their own holidays, sign in and sign out, and get a download of this for their six monthly 121 meeting. Either that, or wait until you get to 20 members of staff, and you’ll be hiring a 21st member of staff to look after the other 20. BAT say “get real, use technology.“


Manage your Staff calendar

Time log

Keep a record of working hours


keep track of overtime

Staff Calendar

Make the work calendar of your entire teaam visible for a better organization.

Holydays planner

Rest is necessary, be sure to do a good vacation planning

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