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Make the quotes for your clients in BAT

In BAT we have applications integrated to make quotes for your clients, and it is faster on BAT. as pull the information from the information directly through the quoting forms. This means that once you create the client and enter his information in the fact find, you won't need to put that information again.

If you already have an account with any of the integrated applications you can use it in BAT, if you can not send us a request to create an account for you.


the best credit reports, from the most number of sources as fast as possible.

Ifac Panel

We are specialists in compliance

Obtain your authorization from FCA with us.

At IFAC, we will act as your compliance support function.

Importantly this goes well beyond just complying with FCA rules.

IFAC push clients to develop strong and positive relations with the regulator, helping with compliance basics but also with S166 Skilled Persons Reviews, supervisory visits, regulatory enquiries and entrepreneurial guidance. We run training courses, set internal exams, and implement better procedures to reduce costs. Most members use our IT solution delivered through BAT to help automate process.


IFAC Member firms get access to the Synaptics Research Suite
End to end research capability, centrally managed and supervised by IFAC on investments and pensions which gives you the confidence in your recommendations that they are supported by an industry leading research house and that the on-going diligence and oversight will be conducted by IFAC on your behalf.


Experian databases are integrated with BAT. This allows you to check and verify ID and PEP sanction information about your client.


Our Defaqto Integration you will allow you to perform a simple filtering process to ensure the products you recommend match all of your clients needs.


A quote system inside BAT for you to use, delivering solution builder application onto BAT, with auto feed through of client information, the quote and seamless transition to the application button. All feeds are enabled by joining the IFAC panel, which also qualifies you for enhanced commissions!


The information below highlights what 27Tec do differently to their competitors and makes their system more accurate.


Transact is an award-winning investment platform offering financial advisers and their clients smart technology, unrivalled support and exceptional service for a modern, efficient way to manage client investment portfolios.

Sarasin & Partners

is a Global investment manager, investing thematically and sustainably on behalf of charities, private clients, institutions and investment professionals.


IFAC have signed up to partner with Xero online for accounts. We believe that all IFA / MGI practices should all have XERO too.


IFAC have signed up to Micap for research services on funds and this is available to you now.

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