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There has been a significant uptick in research enquiries related to tax avoidance programmes - allowable reliefs in EIS, VCT and IHT portfolios. This is a trend set to continue, as the taxman commeth post lockdown!

IFAC have signed up to Micap for research services on funds and this is available to you now.

We are now able to provide research on all EIS, VCT and Business retirement relief, and IHT - AIM portfolio funds, using specialist provider MICAP.

This is a dramatic improvement in the research capabilities of IFAC, and available to IFAC users now.

You can create portfolios inside the system, to track your own clients - so MICAP are also getting free advertising from IFAC.

However the research is top quality, and does not hold back from poor reviews - that common failing in research providers who are funded by the funds being researched.

The taxman commeth, and if you haven't used these fund before, or advised clients on tax saving ideas, you should cast your mind back to the 1970s. Back then Pensions were the only shelter from 90% tax widely levied on business directors and owners and shelf employed. Executive Pension Plans gave some shelter from the tax bomb shells, and most SSAS schemes were created at that time, many currently owning industrial estates and units around the UK. Not exactly a hard sell, to invest in pension and avoid 90% Tax, and we would encourage you to brief yourselves on this market.

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