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The process of organising, planning, prioritising and tracking tasks or activities to be completed within a project, team or individual workflow.


Actionable tasks, assigning responsibilities, setting deadlines, monitoring progress to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.

Share tasks

Record client work

Unmder the RDR IFAs have been recording time spend per client since 2013.

Now in 2024 under Consumer Duty

FCA have effectively extended this across the industry to mortgage brokers and term assurance sales.  FCA have said that firms “need better data and monitoring strategies. Firms should not be complacent and assume that they can just repackage existing data. We want firms to think seriously about what information they need to really understand their customer” see

Practitioners must manage their work and centrally record what they are doing, or risk being put out of business. Systems replace spreadsheets and BAT has created Tasks and Activities to allow for that.

Each action is a task,

Activity is a workflow or collection of tasks.

Record the time, event and outcome.

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