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Customize your very own fact find, tailoring the questionnaire to gather information about a client financial situation, goals, preferences to fit specific need and circumstances of the client or the business.

Under FCA rules, see here fact finding is critical part, and unless you can prove that you know your client, you are almost certain to fall down. 

Execution only work is similarly exposed, and a recent enquiry to the FCA revealed that even advising a client BY live chat or phone on whether to tick “male or female” or where to add in the date of birth on the relevant form, will constitute giving advice.

Unlike nearly all system available to IFAs and Mortgage brokers and Protection sales, the fact find in BAT is editable.  You can create the template that suits you, or suits your firm, and replicate for all your staff.  This is unique feature of BAT, because by using a tagging system it does not affect the BAT integrations with other sites, including sourcing software. So the key items are still exported to other systems, who are able to recognise the changes the user has made.

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