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Create your very own document folder in a secure system with permissions to share with your wider team or keep to yourself.


If you want an organised firm, then you had better sort out how documents are being stored.


Secure your own AWS bucket in the cloud, so that you have your own contract with Amazon Web Services, and can use BAT or any other firm to access these cloud based documents that belong to you and no one else.


A document storage facility that is like no other, because it is configurable, yet sits within an application and is trackable across multi- areas inside the BAT system and allows documents stored in the amazon buckets to be accessible should the user leave the BAT application. 


Document storage has a long history of being easy to input, but difficult to extract.  Since the cost of the cloud has reduced dramatically in the last decade, more data is held in the cloud, but accessing these files is increasingly troubled in large organisations, as naming conventions vary, and a general data pool is not sufficient.

To enable users to create folders, edit them for sub company use, and lock them down by individual adviser is a major breakthrough in compliance technology, as registers can now be created with view settings by individual and company levels.


BAT has developed tree structures by firm, with permission restrictions to provide structure right the way thorugh to underlying customers.  BAT developed a tool to allow access by a prescribed team inside the application at all times.  Now customers will have their own data buckets held on Amazon, but reachable via a configurable format.


Document storage is the holy grail of financial advice, because if held in structured format the information is accessible for searches by AI, enabling the reader tools to improve and become personal assistants to staff employees.


No other firm has customizable buckets of data available in this way, and BAT are proud to be the first to set up this system, pioneers in the development of data storage.

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