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HR Software for the retail finance – the insurance, mortgage and investment industry. 


Streamlines HR processes, enhances communication between HR and employees, and empowers employees to manage their own HR-related tasks more efficiently.

  • Employee portal
  • Flexitime
  • Manage Absence
  • Staff documents
  • Company messaging of policies and procedures
  • Holiday management
  • Build employer brand
  • Create reports

Used by several medium sized IFA firms, mortgage brokers and protection sales firms.

HR intranet is a website accessible only to employees within your business, designed specifically to facilitate human resources-related activities and communication.

Keep a track of staff without being intrusive – let them manage their own time using booking system for flexitime, holidays and sick leave requests.  Monitor time off, clocking in and out and message all staff internally

Watch video here on adding HR Intranet to your armoury via BAT Software. 

Store HR Documents and communications, allow staff to book leave and add overtime or flexitime. 

There is an additional cost of £5 per user per month. 

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CEO CHARLIE PALMER explains how he uses the BAT HR Intranet to run his own office.

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