The Alison Rose – Nigel Farage account scandal exposes one thing clearly. 
Counter-party risk is top of the register this year. 

Regulation in general and initiatives like the New Consumer Duty have forced firms to look closely at their customers and decide who to deal with and where the dividing line is. 
And counterparties are asking for more and more information – which is why systems like BAT are a requirement in order to extract the data quickly and easily.

The moral high ground is easy to find, but it means individuals and small groups behind closed doors making regular decisions and opinions on others.  The cancel culture! “We like this, but we don’t like that.”

Your job in the highly regulated financial services industry is to be able to “show and go.”

Use BAT to show your counterparties – from FCA to providers and IFAs and business purchasers, that you know what you are doing…and can extract the data on demand to prove that. 

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