At BAT we believe in slow growth as the path to a great system. Hence we have no outside shareholders, and no venture capital injections. Organic growth. Between January and April 2024 we added 200 users to BAT.

We also believe in working alongside our customers, and delivering what they ask for. There are plenty of customers using BAT – over 1,000 are regular customers, inside some 100 IFA firms. It is a fantastic business model, and we grow with our clients.

Our plans for 2024 are set by our users. They have asked us to deliver more integrations, including more automated valuations and commission reconciliation online, instead of from upload CSV, as well as delivering AI solutions to compliance.

So during this year, we will be looking at adding to all those features – as well as integrating Outlook into BAT. We listen, we communicate and we deliver. Recently our NED Mike Clifford said, “I don’t understand, you do way, way, way more than nearly every other system out there in any way related to compliance and yet you currently have zero visibility.” Part of the reason is we are not aligned with the Elon Musk school of selling products that have not been built yet, and then delivering something similar years later. At BAT we talk and deliver. Ask any of our 1,000 regular users.

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